Video Edit FAQ

How does Video Edit render so fast?

Video Edit was designed specifically for speed and ease of use. We've optimized "under-the-hood" rendering and greased the gears to make Video Edit the Lightning McQueen of Video render apps.

Who uses Video Edit?

Video Edit will appeal most to people who like capturing video and want to edit and share it in the fastest time possible. If you have an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4G, iPad or iPad 2 you will love Video Edit.

How do I delete a project?

Slide your finger from left to right of the project you want to delete. This will bring up a red "Delete" button that you can tap to remove the project.

How do I delete a video clip?

Simply drag the clip you want to remove off the timeline to delete it.

Why is an older version of Video Edit crashing?

As of August 11, 2010, this problem has been resolved. Just log into the App Store from your iPhone and update Video Edit to the latest version. Some users running version .06 have noticed that the app seems to crash repeatedly right after installation. The short term fix is to power off your iPhone, restart, and the app will work fine. 

Can I use Video Edit with my new iPod Touch or iPad 2?

Yes! The NEW iPod Touch 4th gen announced in September 2010 has a video camera on it and works awesome with Video Edit. The iPad and iPad 2 also work. You can record clips via the iPad 2's internal camera or import movies from your iPhone 4 and many different DSLR and point and shoot cameras via the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

Can I use Video Edit with my older iPod Touch or iPhone 3G?

Unfortunately, no. Video Edit is only compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S iPod Touch 4G, iPad and iPad 2.

Will Video Edit modify, delete, or save over my original video clips?

No. Video Edit is non-destructive. The app uses copies of your video clips and will never save overtop of the original.

Can I edit video clips that I have filmed with other devices?

Sometimes. The iPhone, and iPad are a little finicky about which video files you can play. A good rule of thumb is to only edit videos that were shot with the iPhone, or iPad's video camera.

Some users have tried importing clips into Video Edit that were recorded or tweaked with different applications and have received errors. This happens when these applications are compressing and encoding video in non-native iPhone dimensions or formats. We are looking at expanding the ability of Video Edit to import non-native video clips and videos processed from other apps, but at the moment, stick with videos recorded directly from the iPhone or Ipad's video camera.

How many clips can I add to make a movie?

The maximum is 20. Truthfully, this was kind of an arbitrary number based on the amount of clips we saw the average user adding to the timeline. If you need more, you could always render your 20 clip video timeline to the camera roll, create a new project, import that video again and continue editing. But if you really find yourself needing more timeline clips let us know. We can probably accommodate you in a future release.

What is the maximum video length?

10 minutes.

Why only 10 minutes?

When we watched how people were using Video Edit we found the most creative, and entertaining videos were just a few minutes long. We don't mean to be "creative police" but the reality is that videos longer than 10 minutes take a great deal of storage and processing time especially on the iPhone 4 when it's working in HD. So, we opted to place a 10 minute limit on rendered projects.

Why doesn’t Video Edit have transitions, audio overlays or other extra features?

Because you don't need them. Ok, you may think you need them but here's our rationale for taking those features out: a minimal feature set is what makes Video Edit so convenient and easy to use. We wanted to emphasize creating fun and “share-worthy” videos in the fastest time possible. Transitions and titles are great but we felt that level of editing and time would be better spent on a Mac or PC. Our favorite iPhone apps are those that allow you to get in, complete your task and get out quickly. So we tried to carry that philosophy over to Video Edit.

Seriously? A video editing app without transitions or titles just isn’t professional.

Tell that to a film auteur! :) Don’t get us wrong, we love adding transitions and titles to movies edited on more powerful devices like our laptops. But we believe in getting back to the core root of film and videos: storytelling. No amount of wipes, cross-dissolves or titles will save bad content. Our iPhones are with us all the time which offers the ability to document some of the joy around us quickly, create a few quick edits and share it with others. It's this simplicity and emphasis on storytelling that we were going for when we created Video Edit.

How was Video Edit developed?

Objective C and Cocoa. Part of Video Edit utilizes the awesome open source ffmpeg libraries that fall under GNU licensing. We believe in and help to support open source initiatives.

How do you “give back”?

We’re a supporter of World Vision and United Way. 15% of all profits from Video Edit go toward charity.

When are you going to implement “x”?

Just because we focused on making the fastest video editing app for the iPhone doesn’t mean that’s ALL we’re going to do with the app. We have updates we’re working on to help make Video Edit even more useful for editing your videos.

We’d love to hear your suggestions!

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