Screenshot of Projects List in Video Edit+ Screenshot of Projects List in Video Edit+ Screenshot of Projects List in Video Edit+ Screenshot of Projects List in Video Edit+ Screenshot of Projects List in Video Edit+ Screenshot of Projects List in Video Edit+

Video Edit+ is the essential toolkit
for editing and sharing videos on your iPhone.

Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
 George's Day At The Park
Watch George's day at the park

Five tools. One app.

Video Edit+ has just what you need to create gorgeous, share‑worthy videos for the people you care about.

Edit Suite

Create projects, import or record video clips and photos, get detailed frame-by-frame video trimming, edit transitions, rearrange your clip sequence, choose 1080p, 720p or 480p, then export to your camera roll, YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook.

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Slideshow Studio

Give your photos motion with an automatic or manual “zoom & pan-effect,” also known as the Ken Burns treatment, to create a memorable moving slideshow.

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 George's Day At The Park

Title Editor

Choose from a selection of beautiful font families and create title slides, video credits or overlay text on video clips or photos.

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Diagram of soundtrack feature in Video Edit+ Diagram of voiceover feature in Video Edit+

Audio Studio

Add music, or record voiceover to create a voiceover within your video. Use visual edit cues to have your music begin and end at just the right moments.

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Lush Surf

Filter Factory

Create a new look or alter the mood of your clips with one-tap video and photo filters. Use the filter factory to evoke drama, create a vintage look or just get wild.

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It's about creating a gorgeous video in the fastest time possible with the precision of a capable editing suite.

Our first app entitled Video Edit was all about rendering speed. Video Edit+ is all about functionality and providing you with an intuitive way to add all the essential editing tools into just one app.

Use one essential tool, or use all five, depending on how detailed you want to get or what the scene requires.

Create a video sequence in literally seconds, or dive in and finesse your movie with filters, photos, music, voiceover, titles, and even import clips from other iPhone apps. Video Edit+ plays great with others.



How do I delete a project?

Tap on the “Edit” button at the top of the screen and then tap the red delete icon on whichever project you want to delete. When finished, tap the “Done” button.

How do I add a photo or video from my iPhone’s camera roll?

Within the Project Timeline screen (the row of numbered squares at the bottom of your project screen), tap on the large green “+” button at the bottom of the screen and a set of options will appear. Tap on the “Camera Roll” icon to select content from either your Photo Library or Video Library.

Which transitions can I use between my video clips and how do I change them?

Scene Transitions are located in between each of your photo and video clips on the Project Timeline screen. Tap the transition to select Wipe, Cross Dissolve, Dip to Black, or None. The Cross Dissolve transition is selected by default. Please email us if you would like more transitions added!

How do I delete a video clip or photo from my project?

Tap and drag the clip up and out of your Project Timeline. Select the checkmark to delete it or the “x” to cancel.

How do I rearrange video or photos within the project timeline?

Tap and drag your clip along the timeline to place it in the order you prefer.


How do I change when a video clip starts or ends (the in-and-out points)?

Double-tap on a video clip in your Project Timeline to go to the editing screen. You can drag the yellow in-and-out points left or right to to select when you want your video clip to start or end. This feature is non-destructive meaning you can always come back and change these start and end points later. If you want even finer editing detail you can tap and hold the in-or-out point and the timeline will expand so you can do frame-by-frame video trimming.

How do I adjust the volume of a video clip?

Double tap on the video clip within your Project Timeline and the Editing screen will appear. Select the speaker icon at the top of the screen and a volume slider will appear. Drag the slider left or right to adjust the volume or tap on the speaker icon to the right of the slider to Mute the video clip. Tap the checkmark at the top of the screen to confirm your changes.


How do I record and edit a voiceover?

Tap on the microphone icon at the top of the Project Timeline screen. Drag the seek bar in your timeline to the position where you want to create a voiceover and then tap on the red circular record button to begin recording. Once you’ve completed your voiceover tap the red circular record button again to stop the recording. You can now preview your voiceover, delete it, or accept and it to the project. Once you have accepted your voiceover you will see it visually represented in the timeline as a red bar at the top of the screen. You can tap and drag your voiceover to a different position in your timeline or drag it off the timeline completely if you wish to delete it. You can change the volume of the voiceover by tapping on the speaker icon at the bottom of the screen and adjusting the slider.

Can I have multiple voiceovers in one project?

Yes. Simply place the seek bar at the point in the timeline where you want to record your next voiceover and tap on the circular record button again. You can drag voiceover bars to different points along the timeline. If you overlap your separate voiceover recordings they will both play at the same time.


How do I add music from my iPhone to my project?

Select the Music icon at the top of the Project Timeline screen. You can browse your Library of music and select the track you want.

Why can’t I hear the music I’ve added?

The Mute button on your device might be on. Turn the Mute off to hear the music you selected.

Note: There is a known bug if you are a subscriber to Apple’s iTunes Match service where you can view music that you have in the Cloud, but when you add it to your project it does not play. You must first download the music track from the Cloud to your iPhone and then you can add it to your project. This is a bug with Apple’s service which we are hoping they resolve in the next update of iOS.

How do I move my music to a different start point or remove music from my project?

Tap on the editing “Scissors” icon in the top of the Music Selection screen which will take you a combined Music and Video Preview screen. You can drag your Music track along your timeline to a different start point, or drag it off the timeline completely to delete it.

How do I change the volume of my music?

Within the Music Selection screen you can tap on the speaker icon and drag the volume up or down to the desired level.

How do I shorten the length of my music?

Within the Music Selection screen you can drag the start and end handles (also known as the “in and out” points) to the correct point that you want to start or end the music.

Tip: The Music Selection screen shows white vertical lines in the timeline to indicate where your video and photo clips begin and end. When you drag the “in and out” handles to shorten a music clip, they will automatically “snap” to the white lines as this can be a good place for the music to end. The last white line indicates the end of all of your video clips and it is often good to have your music end at this point otherwise it will continue to play even after your video sequence is done.

How do I fade in/out my music?

Within the Music Selection screen there is a “Fade In” and “Fade Out” button next to the song title at the bottom of the screen. Select either of these buttons to have your song fade in or fade out according to your preference.

What is the “snap to clip” feature?

The snap to clip feature is the ability to drag the seek bar along your timeline in the music editing screen and it will “snap” its position to the nearest video clip (indicated by the white line). This is useful if you want your audio to start or end at the exact moment a video clip changes.

How do I turn off the “snap to clip” feature?

You can turn off the snap to clip feature by going into the project settings and turning it off manually.


How do I make a title slide or add text to my video?

Tap on the green “+” button in the Project Timeline screen and then select the “Title” button.Type in your desired text then tap the checkmark to confirm. You can move your text to another position by tapping and dragging it across the screen. You can change the default “League Gothic” font by tapping on it and selecting another one. Certain fonts like “Georgia” have different styles that can be selected by swiping right or left. Tap the “Done” button to confirm your font selection. You can change the background color of the title screen by tapping on the furthermost button on the left with the “A” and selecting a preset color. You can change a font’s color by tapping on the color wheel and selecting a preset color. You can change whether your title screen fades in and out by tapping on the square box to the right of the font name. You can also change the length of time the font is displayed on the title screen by tapping on one of the preset circles on the far right - by default the font is set to stay on the screen the entire time. You can change the duration of the title screen by tapping the clock at the top of the screen and swiping left or right in seconds.


How do I add a photo slideshow?

Tap on the green “+” button to the right of the Project Timeline and select “Camera Roll” and then “Photo Library”. Select the photos you would like added and then tap the green checkmark to confirm. The selected photos will then show up in your Project Timeline.

How do I change the length of time a photo is displayed?

Double-tap on the photo in your Project Timeline to enter the Photo Editor. Select the Clock icon at the top of the screen and adjust the amount of seconds you want your photo to be displayed.

How do I add text to my photos?

Double-tap on the photo in your Project Timeline to enter the Photo Editor. Tap on the Font icon (the letter “T”) at the top of the screen to add and modify a title that will overlay your photo.

How do I manually change the way a photo moves?

Double-tap on the photo in your Project Timeline to enter the Photo Editor and select the “Pointy Finger” icon. This takes you into Manual Mode where you can zoom the photo’s start and end point by pinching each photo in or out. Tap the Play icon for a quick preview of your handywork.


How do I add filters to my video clips and photos?

Double-tap on the video clip or photo in your project timeline screen and select the filters icon (the three overlapping circles) at the top of the screen and then select your favourite filter.

How do I remove a filter once I’ve added it to a video or photo?

Deselect the filter by tapping on it again.


Can I preview my video before I share or export it?

Yes! Tap on the middle of the project timeline screen to playback the video. Tap on the middle of the screen again to pause it. You can jump quickly to other parts of your video by tapping on the seek bar at the top of the screen and dragging it forward or backward.

How do I save a completed video to my iPhone or share it on social media?

Tap on the Share Icon in the top right of the Project Timeline screen and select the iPhone’s camera roll or your favorite social service to upload to. Video Edit+ will first render your video and then begin uploading it to the social service you selected. The app needs to be open during rendering, but you can switch applications, check your email, or even put your phone to sleep during the upload process while Video Edit+ transfers the video to your selected social media service in the background!

How do I change my social media login information?

If you have previously entered login information and wish to switch user accounts, or delete the login info completely, you can select the settings icon in the top left of the main Project screen and tap “Reset Sharing”.


Who uses Video Edit+?

This app appeals to people who enjoy capturing and sharing videos. If you’re looking for an on-the-go video editor with all the essential tools, Video Edit+ is for you.

What makes Video Edit+ unique?

Video Edit+ is the first Video Editing app to truly take advantage of the core technology of the iPhone and respect the size and limitations of editing video on a tiny screen. Rather than simulate the complexity of a desktop editing studio on a small screen, Video Edit+ creates a new, yet familiar editing experience, that optimizes the most commonly used Video Editing features.

We believe that when you buy something, it’s yours to enjoy. We don’t demand that you create a user account, provide us with your your personal info, or hit you with incessant ads like other apps do. When you pay for Video Edit+, you get unrestricted access to its most useful features just the way you'd expect.

What devices will Video Edit+ work on?

Video Edit+ is optimized for the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, iPhone 6 and 5th Gen iPod Touch or newer. We’ll be launching an iPad version shortly which will be a free update for existing Video Edit+ users. Stay tuned.

Which version of iOS do I need?

Video Edit+ requires iOS 6 or later.

Will Video Edit+ modify, delete, or save overtop of my original video clips and photos?

No. Video Edit+ is non-destructive. The app uses copies of your video clips and photos, and will never save over the original.

Can I edit video clips that I have recorded with other devices?

Most of the time, yes. The iPhone, and iPad are a little finicky about which video files you can play. A good rule of thumb is to only edit videos that were shot with the iPhone, or iPad's video camera. That said, there are a lot of video formats on DSLR and point and shoot cameras that work just fine if you import them onto your iOS device.

How many clips and photos can I add to my movie project?

As many as your iPhone can handle.

What is the maximum video length?

As much as your device can handle. Keep in mind that files get duplicated when added to your project and if you render the movie to your device’s Camera Roll that entire file is duplicated again. Video takes up a lot of space so keep this in mind when deciding which size of iPhone you should buy!

How was Video Edit+ developed?

Objective C and Cocoa.

Why was Video Edit+ created?

Video Edit+ was created from our obsession with simplicity. We believe people will appreciate the Video Edit+ editing experience. It’s not overwhelming or difficult to learn, and not a complex desktop application squashed into a small screen. Editing video on a mobile device should be a delight, and that is why we created Video Edit+.

Who is behind Video Edit+?

Video Edit+ was developed by the team behind “Video Edit” the fastest video editing app for iPhone and iPad. The original Video Edit app is the fastest shooting, trimming, stitching and sharing Video Editor, and has been featured in The NYT Online, The Next Web, AppAdvice, and hundreds of different Blogs and publications.

How does Video Edit+ “give back”?

We’re a supporter of several charities. A portion of profits from Video Edit+ go toward local charities.

I still have questions. Who do I call?

Ghostbusters! Kidding. Contact our team and we’ll reply as soon as we can. If you have questions or concerns, email us: support (at) If you have positive feedback, please write a review on the App Store. We’d love to hear from you!


For technical assistance or issues, email: support(at)

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